Ambient sounds / Backyard morning

Woke up early last day and put a microphone outside. As usual the live ambient sounds are processed by the OP-Z.
The I made scene in Looom app, set the frames and FPS to match the beat and animate it a bit.
OP-Z 80bpm
Looom threads at 5 FPS / 15 frames (60/80bpm)*20fps= the number of frames. Then you can chose a multiple of the chosen FPS. In my exemple I went for 5fps@to have the bass kick at the beginning of every loop.

Zoom h2n for the live input
, Irig 2, OP-Z, usb-c to iPhone Dictaphone app.
Screen record to capture the Looom scene with the dictaphone playing in background.

#madewithlooom #ambient #h2n
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